Create a 1 page page paper that discusses organizational capacity of mtn based on the score card. &nbsp.The second objective of the company entails increasing funding in the next budget period by 200%. The funding will be provided by the senate and will mainly be used for marketing. The funding will also be used to enhance the quality of broadcast services provided by MTN. The funding strategy mainly entails developing coalitions with the congress members. The coalition aims at gaining the support of the congress members on their expansion activities, and also aligning the funding towards foreign relations. The company also has the objective of increasing the number of marketing vehicles by 12 in the next year. Achievement of this objective will lead to excellence in marketing and publicity campaigns.

The vehicles will be budgeted for in the next fiscal year. The marketing vehicles will increase the number of viewers and thus MTN ratings.&nbsp.&nbsp. &nbsp. This will be achieved through enhancing programming quality and also effective human capital. Adequate duration for ensuring adequate organizational capacity is 12 months, which is required for realizing 200% organizational capacity development. The lag measure for illustrating adequate organizational capacity entails. initiating programs that enhance quality, and also increasing revenue by minimizing production expenses.

The lead measure for enhanced organizational capacity entails enhancing the market share. This can be effectively realized by adequately building the social media presence. Improvement in organization capacity will directly result in a 40% improvement in organizational productivity. The productivity improvement will also be directly determined by adoption of the quality improvement programs. The employee must be involved so as to realize effective organizational capacity. Participation acts as an incentive for the employees to engage in the programs on quality improvement. The expenses required for realizing organization capacity are adequately budgeted for. The costs are. competent labor costs, maintenance expense, and also the strategy costs (Kaplan & Norton, n.d.).

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