Compose a 250 words assignment on the two( gloria naylor). Needs to be plagiarism free! The Two by Gloria Naylor Introduction: The Two is a chapter from the book d “The Women of Brewster Place” written by Gloria Naylor. The novel isdivided into seven stories. In six out of seven stories the theme of each story revolves around an individual character whereas in the seventh story, the entire chapter addresses about the community. In all of the chapters the primary characters are either the women or the residents of the Brewster Place.

Analysis of the Chapter: The Two:

In this chapter, the story revolves around two women are bounded with each other in a relation which appears to the world either as homosexuality or lesbianism. Such perceptions of relationships between women may harm the traditional gender role of a woman in a society or it may harm the status of relationship between the women. The story revolves around the main characters of Lorraine and Theresa, who just moved in Brewster Place. Soon, the other people in the community discover their intimate relationship with each other which results in mass violence. Their relationship turns a new dimension when Lorraine is brutally raped by the some men from the community. Under this sudden trauma, she kills Ben, who protected the two women from the other men.

Sophie plays a key role in igniting the flame of violence and spreading the rumors about the two women in the community. The entire story revolves around the intolerance developed by the society against these women and particularly about the sensitive subject of homosexuality. Some cultures take it as normal but it is not the case in American society. Homosexuality is considered as a Taboo in major parts of America. The chapter clearly represents the mental approach of people and their hostile attitude towards the women which nullifies the concept of freedom in a society.

Work Cited:

Naylor, G. The Two. The Women of Brewster Place.

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