Compose a 1750 words assignment on analysis of pray without ceasing by patrick laude. Needs to be plagiarism free! &nbsp.Why do people pray? When is the right time to pray? How frequent should one pray? Are there requirements in praying? These are among the most frequently asked questions that people have about prayer.

There may be countless religions in the whole world but one thing is for sure, the believers’ have a common activity and that is praying.

Interestingly, Laude said in the first line of his introduction that all religious worlds recognize that nothing is more important than prayer (vii). It is further said that, “All religions pronounce the name of God in their particular language” (Weil qtd. in Laude 206). Truly, prayer is the most significant medium that one can use to communicate with a Supreme Being that may be called differently by various religious groups.&nbsp. But is there such thing as the best or most effective style in praying?&nbsp.

Some people are confused about which religion they should turn to that will draw them closer to the truth about life. Hence, they are also confused about the truth in praying. No matter what religion it is, however, the fact that human beings have been made unique could just provide the answer to the question about which style of praying is the best. Needless to say, the individual style is the most appropriate style. Everyone has his own personality, and the One above expects a different style of prayer from each of His masterpieces.

Communication with God may be different though from simple communication with a friend, a relative, or a family member. With God, everything is transparent and seen that one can easily pour his or her heart out without getting afraid about getting censored. &nbsp. Praying is oftentimes driven by emotions as according to Laude, the deepest and truest knowledge dwells in the heart of a human being (vii).&nbsp. Every desire, lust, joy, frustration, weeping, and even hatred, is expressed to God through prayers. Oftentimes, the most genuine prayer is seen from a wounded heart or an overwhelmed spirit.&nbsp.

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