Compose a 1750 words assignment on american government. Needs to be plagiarism free! One of the chief characteristics of this Constitution is the separation of power between the government’s wings. All the same, there is an overlapping of powers, in order to prevent any specific wing from acquiring excessive power and controlling the government (U.S. COURTS).

There is a check on the legislature by the executive due to the latter’s veto power. Moreover, the Vice President heads the Senate. The military’s commander in chief is the President, who is also the head of the executive. The latter is empowered to temporarily suspend appointments and in times of emergency, he can convene a session of Congress. In addition, if there is a dispute regarding adjourning a body of the Congress, the President can intervene and bring about such deferment. The executive appoints judges and grants pardon to people who have committed various offences.

The Supreme Court is authorized to verify if any statute breaches the constitution, and it employs the process of Judicial Review to checks the Legislature. Any piece of legislation can be rescinded by the Supreme Court. Nevertheless, Congress can pass such laws as will take precedence over the interpretation of a statute by the Supreme Court. In respect of Supreme Court decisions based on the constitution, Congress can only propose an amendment to the constitution. At times of impeaching the President, the Chief Justice presides as the President of the Senate (U.S. Supreme Court. In World of Criminal Justice, Gale ).

If no majority emerges from the electoral votes, the Senate elects the President and his deputy. Moreover, the legislature can oppose the President’s veto and endorse ambassadors, treaties, departmental appointments and supplanting of the Vice President. It can declare war, allocate funds and impose taxes. The legislature commences impeachments, constitutional amendments. and approves federal judges, specifies a court’s jurisdiction, alters the Supreme Court’s size and places other courts as being subordinate to the Supreme Court. Nevertheless, there is some self-check on the legislature, due to its bicameral nature (U.S. Constitution Online).

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