Compose a 1500 words assignment on impact of the internet on society. Needs to be plagiarism free! Technology mainly works by enabling us to carry out our daily activities faster and more efficiently. We develop technology to use it to our advantage and to serve us better. For instance, the internet makes it easier for people to access a large database of information from anywhere comparatively quickly compared to the traditional mode of perusing through large volumes of books. In light of this, the paper will evaluate the impact of internet development on society.

The best aspect of the internet is that nobody owns it. It is made up of a myriad of networks both small and big. All these networks connect and converge into a single entity which is commonly known as the internet. Actually, the name (internet) is derived from the concept of interconnected networks. The internet has grown tremendously since its inception in 1969. Today, the internet is made up of millions of computer systems that are interconnected to one another. Although nobody owns the internet, the internet society maintains and monitors it. This agency is a non-profit organization that was established way back in 1992 to oversee the formulation of protocols and policies that define how users interact with and use the internet. As the internet grows, its usage continues to grow at a higher rate. The number of users rose to 1.858 billion from 394 million in a duration of 9 years (2000 to 2009). Google statistics imply that the site had 1 billion visitors/ searches in 2010 daily. Also, more than 300 million accessed the internet to read blogs while a whopping 2 billion videos were viewed daily on youtube. In 2014, about 43.6 percent of the human population had access to the internet. This implies that the internet is easily accessed by a large group of the world’s population. As a result, the internet has had significant effects on society. Prior to the development of technology and the internet, most societal functions were carried out manually.

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