Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Turkey’s EU Politics. In terms of size, it is twice as large as Poland, the largest state joining the EU in the year 2004. if the current trend continues, then within a generation Turkey would become the largest nation in Saudi Arabia.

2) Too poor: according to the 2004 data, the per capita GDP in Turkey, assured in terms of PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) was $6700, which was far less than nations like Slovenia ($ 19000), Slovakia ($13300), Poland ($11100) and Latvia ($10200).

3) Too agricultural: around 35.4 percent of employment in Turkey is in agriculture whereas agricultural employment in Poland is only 19 percent of the employment. Poland actually has the highest percentage of agricultural employment among the ten nations that joined the U in the year 2004.

4) The authoritarian nature of the Turkish government is another bottleneck of joining of Turkey in the EU. EU is one of the strongest proponents of laissez-faire and democracy. Turkey following its strictly authoritarian rule, always prompt in determining all the steps of the nations, is actually totally against the essence of the EU.

5) Too Muslim: In Europe, Turkey comprises the largest number of Muslims. Within the ERU, all the other states are Christians from the days of the crusades, these two religions, namely Christians and Muslims, time and again engaged in occasional conflicts, sometimes leading to a bloody battle. I turkey get included within the EU. all the other participating states will have a skeptical outlook towards Turkey.

This comment was hurled toward Turkey by the European Union – authoritative, commanding, disgraceful, or a modern uproar of imperialism. In any sense, the latest developments towards the Turkish inclusion in the European Union is quite painful to watch. Countries like Poland, Czechoslovakia, and many central and eastern European Countries followed the Turkish model in order to achieve economic liberalization and a democratic setup. Interestingly, Poland and Czechoslovak have been taken into the European Union long ago but Turkey remained as untouchable. This is not all. Turkey and Greece have similar kinds of economic structure and political set up. Whereas Greece has been awarded a ticket to the European Union, discussions are still going on regarding the inclusion of turkey.

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