Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Theories of the Gospel of John and the Gospel of Matthew. Thus, the human existence of Jesus as God is the fulfillment of this eternal promise.

The Gospel of Matthew is making its claim to the Jews, who are people who believe the idea that there is only one God, the one Who delivered them from the hands of their enemies like the Philistines. Just like David, Jesus is the appointed Messiah who will comfort and bring deliverance to the Israelites from the Roman Empire. Although the battle would not include weapons just as how David did it from the past, Jesus’ way of fighting against the oppression was through his teachings about God’s enduring values and principles, which are supposed to bring the people to their victory.

Absolute power and authority are what John is trying to put in the name of Jesus in his writings. This is to justify his claim that Jesus is God. John is trying to emphasize that one should have a strong doctrine of believing that God’s ultimate characteristics and Jesus’ are one. John is appealing his claim to those believers who strongly placed absolute power and authority in the word of God, as John himself claims that God and His Word are one and the Word is Jesus made flesh and dwelt among us. However, just like Matthew, John’s ultimate purpose of sharing the Gospel is to proclaim that Jesus is to deliver us from our sins for us to receive eternal life. Nowadays, because of the sins, those described in the Bible, many people are unable to experience the joy or the life God wants His people to experience. Just like the Israelites&nbsp.from Egypt who received a promise from God of a ‘land flowing with milk and honey,’ John is trying to emphasize the abundance that Jesus freely gives to those who receive him. Therefore, it is the same promise in principle that John would want to convey to his reader that God is consistently giving to the people, the promise of deliverance and obtaining life to the full. Israelites were oppressed and their ultimate hope of a way out from such oppression is to rely on God’s deliverance.

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