Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on women law enforcement officers Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! From a historical perspective, joining the police force was not an option that was open to women of earlier generations, because it appeared to be a job that called for violence and brute strength, while also placing the individual police officer in a dangerous situation. As a result, it was not deemed an appropriate profession for women to be in. The stereotypical role that women had to assume was that of homemaker rather than that of the provider. They were seen to be weak creatures who possessed limited levels of physical strength and were, therefore, to be protected.

In describing the present attitude of male police officers, a one-woman police officer points out that they may still have a fatherly attitude towards the women officers and believe they must be protected. (Collins, 2006). Alternatively, male police officers balk at working with a female officer, on the grounds that she would not likely to be of much help in a dangerous situation, thereby adhering to gender stereotypes about women being weak and unable to handle violent or criminal situations.

Bevecqua (2000) points out that different patterns of socialization in men and women is the reason why male dominance was perpetuated in earlier times, keeping women in a state of fear and passivity, thereby confining them to home and hearth. In her discussion of how the social context and male dominance influenced the police attitude towards rape, she points out that women bringing a complaint of rape were seen to be partly to blame for their fate. The reason for such an outlook lay in the way the law viewed women, as property belonging to men over whom it was the males who had the ultimate authority.&nbsp.

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