I need some assistance with these assignment. what makes a successful marriage Thank you in advance for the help! Moreover, it will discuss the issues which have made your marriage pressed down your list of priorities since having kids. Lastly, we will explore the optimum approaches and factors, including spouses’ backgrounds, the similarity of interests and behaviors, socioeconomic status, equity and equality, mental compatibility, and so on, making a marriage successful.


We exist in a society that promotes self-interest. many come to marriage from unbalanced family backgrounds. Too few couples are required to complete premarital counseling. When we combine these factors with the strains and demands of life in the real world, it is not astonishing that so many marriages are easily broken. To make or maintain a healthy marriage, it is required to take some critical steps: You must be eager to put time, endeavor, and consideration into nurturing your marriage. The ideas you pursue will help you follow through on this obligation and put new life and significance into your wedding (Luxama, 2009 ).

Similar Backgrounds: Homogamous and Heterogamous

But still, what makes a marriage successful is a big question lurking in many minds.

In numerous cultures, it is widely and firmly believed that marriages happening in the same cultures, races, religions, and social classes tend to be successful. If we get married to someone who holds the same religious views as we do, it becomes smooth to raise children on one religious viewpoint instead of two diverse opinions exerted by both the parents. Marrying in different cultures would ask for blending in one other’s cultures and values properly to stay happy. If a husband’s family is quite influential, it will become hard for the wife to cope with issues that would arise later on due to her weak financial background. Sometimes, it seems right to prefer homogamy over heterogamy to slide things (Pantley, 2000) easily.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.

Similar / Common characteristics and Interests

On the contrary, it is observed almost regularly that this formula is not as workable as it used to be years ago. Times are changing, and so does our relationships. Many people are ready to experiment with getting married outside their restricted class and race and are open to exploring more possibilities.&nbsp.

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