Write 11 pages with APA style on Website Migration and Design Project. The purpose of this paper is to explore the use of the SDLC) for the design of a new Website for Tonys Chips. In particular, this document discusses what it would take to build Web architecture for the company, move its existing Website with minimal downtime, and to provide a disaster recovery solutions. We also justify the choice of operating systems (OS) for the Website, evaluate the alternatives for self-hosting the site and explain the evaluation of its performance.

From the case study, we establish various problems with old Websites. First, we note that the system does not allow customers to order chips online, which is an important goal for the new Website. Secondly, we note that the company wants the new Website to address redundancy issues and emphasizes establishing a back-up site.

The proposed new Website for the company will use the concept of distributed processing and responsive platform to enhance system usability and data backup system to improve security and reliability features. In addition, the new Website will include additional features to help improve user experience as well as enabling connection via PCs, smartphones and tablets.

The proposed Website will affect various stakeholders for Tonys Chips including internal stakeholders such as business managers and employees. It will also affect external stakeholders, mainly the customers. The best practice in system design is to ensure stakeholder participation and involvement in system development projects (Cohen et al., 2010). Existing literature identifies a lack of stakeholder involvement in system design as a major cause of project failure. In order to address these, issues, we propose to hold regular stakeholder meetings and workshops to create awareness about the need for the new Website, collect their views and needs, as well as resolve emerging issues and solicit support from senior company managers.

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