Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic UK Government Effectiveness on Terrorism. The study will also consider the motive of the Government for introducing such extreme measures and try to reach a conclusion as to whether the reaction of the Government is proportionate to the threat or whether the Government is using legislation as a tool to target minority sectors.

The study will necessarily involve an analysis behind the circumstances of the arrests of suspects and offer an opinion as to whether the way in which the suspect was detained was necessary or whether the measures used were too extreme. This will involve an analysis of newspaper reports in relation to the manner of the arrest and will look at the outcome following the arrest. This will be particularly important in relation to those that are subsequently released without charge. This study will consider whether the Government has adopted the correct approach to the threat of terrorism or whether their actions could be regarded as too extreme.

Chapter one will look at the definition of terrorism and will attempt to define acts that ought to be considered as acts of terrorism. Within this framework, the study will consider the arrests of terrorist suspects and the circumstances behind these arrests. It is anticipated that this might reveal that in many cases the Government reaction to the threat of terrorism is too extreme.

Chapter 2 will look at the reason for legislation in this area. This will involve an analysis of the 9/11 attack in the United States of America and the 7/7 attack in the United Kingdom. The research will then expand to examine the powers that have been given to the police through this legislation and will examine the legality of arrests that have occurred since the changes that have been introduced through legislation.

In chapter 3 the study will examine the human rights aspect of the legislation and will pose the question as to whether the present legislation offends against the principles of the Human Rights Act. This will necessarily involve considering whether the fear of a&nbsp.terrorist attack is sufficient reason for the Government to take such a stance, or whether the Government are using the fear of such attacks to target minority groups.&nbsp.

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