I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Treatment Programs for Juvenile Delinquents. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Rehabilitation psychology has many sections like health and behavior consultations, counseling and psychotherapy, and Cognitive remediation. All of which help the individual to adapt better to society and be independent in the community as well. The psychotherapy attends to their emotional problems and is centered on hope and fulfillment to live a better life. Family and friends are encouraged to get involved to improve upon the care and attention of their loved ones. Along with this assessment, counseling, wellness promotion, job placement, and education and consultation are also part of the program.

The problems currently faced in these centers are overcrowding which is due to two factors. First is the increase in the number of juvenile offenses along with this is the increased time they get to spend in these facilities. This is since the crimes being committed are of a more serious nature and the fact that some of them don’t get the required program, due to which their parole gets delayed.

Along with the above, the desired training and education has been decreasing steadily which can be related to the limited budget plans. Juvenile rehabilitation instead of focusing on a fixed budget for incarceration can look at making use of some of it to add more features and activities for the children to involve themselves. The other pitfall is the clash between custodial staff and treatment workers and the fact that there are restrictions on relations between staff and juveniles. The lack of resources and experienced personnel is a source of contention as well. The female juveniles are at a setback for lack of appropriate programs and are forced to settle for stereotyped and restrictive programs that lack education and treatment opportunities. This is true for minorities as well.

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