I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The US Experience in the Pacific and Battle of Leyte. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In operational art, when an initiative is made, the most important concept in attaining the initiative is speed and surprise, with the enemy caught unaware, executing the mission in the shortest time possible before the target can regroup. On the other side, the key to successfully retaining the initiative is uninterrupted, with total concentration, on the operation.

The operational art concept has been on numerous occasions been employed in naval warfare and thus applies in the engagements of naval warfare. Like in operational art, naval warfare involves the emphasis on execution. This kind of operation is the one that entails continuous and relentless anticipation, at the same time making the appropriate desired adjustments and facilitating the availability of options in maintaining the initiative. Most naval operations have applied the concept of operational art. this is so in the emphasis given in naval operations that are similar to those in operational art. For example, it is emphasized that the attack must move rapidly. For this to happen there is the stress on the need for speed, of which speed is seen as one of the most important and essential factors if success was to be realized.1

In operational art, as has come to be stressed in naval warfare, speed necessitates the application of surprise, getting the enemy off guard, and keeping such an enemy off balance in the process of conducting the attack. Speed also contributes immensely to the security and safety of the attacking force and hinders the enemy or defender from having the opportunity for countermeasures as such a defender is availed no time to regroup. As the naval emphasize in line with operational art concept, speed, when executed desirably and appropriately, confuses and immobilize the defender attacking to escalate to such heights that it becomes unstoppable. Without even having a large force to equal the defender, speed compensates for the numerical disadvantage and enables the attacker to realize the set aims.

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