Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the story of an hour critique. Death or loss of a loved one usually brings grief and it is a normal reaction people always expect from the bereaved family so that Josephine was worried her sister might get even sicker with already existing heart disease when she hears about the death of her husband. She did cry hard, as an initial reaction to knowing that her husband died, that she just lost an important person in her life. I could quite relate to this, having lost my grandmother a few years earlier. She was a big figure in our home, always having the time to spend with us, and having strong influences on the family, being a determined person. I grew fond of my grandmother because she always helped me with my works at home and in school, played with me most of the time and when I was in my adolescent stage, she always gave me advice that served me much wisdom in my growing up. Losing her affected me so much. I did not have the appetite to eat and the house just made me miss her even more whenever I remember her voice and laughter when I see the things that she used to work with or the places she frequently spent her leisure time. There was a feeling of emptiness in me especially during the first few months and sometimes it is just overwhelming I shed tears remembering her. So the weeping of the wife in a “sudden, wild abandonment” as described in the story is understandable because the emotions over death are simply gripping, one would not mind how s/he looks or what others might say about him/her. Crying is a universal language used to express the grief that most would understand even without words.

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