Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Role of State According to Hobbes and Locke and Rousseau’s Social Contract Theory. John Locke, Thomas Hobbes and Jean John Rousseau enjoy a reputable name in the field of political philosophy. They worked on the different dimensions of the human relationship with the state, society (Chaurasia, 2001, p. 322). Also, each of them undertook the understanding with regard to the role played by the state. Since each of these came into the global sphere of politics at a time when the European sphere was largely dominated and overclouded by the monarchic and aristocratic rulings, this gave them a reason to challenge the status quo and define the roles and responsibility of the state against the individuals.

Before understanding the role and ideals of each of the individual philosophers, it is important to understand the social contract theory. Since each of the aforementioned individuals belonged to the part of the school of thought who advocated the social contract theory. Under this principle the social contract between the state and individual comes about as a result of the number of needs, developments, deviations, norms, formation, devaluing of the original shape and outlook of the mankind.

State of nature as the name would reveal is a concept and idea which reveals the basis and the prehistoric origin-based existence of mankind. According to this, the society and the collective outlook of mankind came into existence for a particular reason and for a cause that emerged out of necessity (Schrems, 2007, p. 89). This cause led to a separate school of thought, political philosophers and ideals based on which the prehistoric societal existence was compared and the reasons were presented based on which the mankind agreed to or underwent the evolution of creating institutions, creating society, and creating moral and social order.

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