I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The Psychiatric Institution People. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The concluding part of this discussion will present deinstitutionalization and outline how this aspect can affect the people involved. Once again, critical research information, as well as primary sources, will be used to present facts relating to this matter.

Studies that have been made for community treatment will also be looked at towards the end of the analysis. Community care procedures, government agencies and various other kinds of “help” that are available for patients once they leave the institutions will be covered in considerable depth, as well as showing how beneficial they are to helping these people recover.

Psychiatry is not always able to see its clients as they really are: as people with a past, a present, and with hope for the future. Psychiatry is a medi­cal science: it deals with the pathology of the individual. It is not really concerned with the contexts in which mental problems develop.

Conse­quently, on entering the psychiatric institution people are reduced to car­riers of mental illness, or they are even seen as the illness itself. In order to classify the disorder, their behavior, as well as their stories, are analyzed for symptoms (Anto­novsky, 1987. Mooij, 1988. Thomas, 1995). Only what is signifi­cant to the diagnostic examination is seen and heard. Clients are examined but not really seen. they are listened to but not heard. Psychiatry does not regard its clients as serious dis­cussion partners: after all, with a disorder, you cannot speak.

Clients’ stories are not heard in psychiatry. This is unfortu­nate, as clients’ stories could teach us a lot. They would tell us about their lives, troubles, and their recovery, about what helped and about the battles they engaged in (Van Weeghel, 1995). Clients’ stories are about how they survive, and how they pick up the pieces.

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