I need some assistance with these assignment. the monitoring of the public by the government Thank you in advance for the help! Following the September 11 attacks, the federal government established the Patriot Act to enhance national security. According to Sunstein, the Act was introduced to monitor the public to prevent future acts of terrorism (23). Fighting terrorism is an excellent idea for the country and the world. However, the American government seems to have taken the fight to an end. This is because the war on terrorists has ended up on people’s doorstep, making them become victims of the war. Since the Patriot Act’s implementation, the First and Fourth Amendments were changed to heighten the war on terror. This led to a compromise on people’s freedoms by invading their privacy. According to the Act, the authorities have the right to vary the degree of monitoring the public in their efforts to protect the state’s welfare. According to the constitution, individual privacy is a civil liberty that the federal government must protect. The Patriot Act, designed to enhance national security made has made the government incur a high cost. The cost incurred by the government in ensuring national stands out as an opportunity cost. The government needed to consider the opportunity cost that it suffered in ensuring national security at the expense of civil liberties. In particular, the government sustained a Loss of credibility and trust of the people. If the government considers these costs, it could realize that it is unnecessary and wrong to monitor the public.

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