Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: The Key Figure in the Development of the Infant and the Psychosocial Virtues Exhibited. At this stage, I was clingy to my parents as maybe I was afraid of the surroundings and the new people.

This stage is associated more to achieve an independence degree and minimize doubt and shame. Children at this stage require more encouragement so that they can develop both self-esteem and self-control and they will also learn how to do things by themselves. The parents form a special part in the child and the psychosocial virtues desired are will and determination (Boeree, 2006). The child at this stage attempts to explore and own the things surrounding him or her. it is imperative to note that the child is learning and the parents play a critical role in shaping the child’s esteem. At this stage, I was much active trying to learn how to walk and talk and maybe follow people around and mimic their talking.

This stage is much associated with confrontation as a child is supposed to learn initiative courageously without having any guilt. A child at this stage should have fantasy and lots of imagination as this is playtime. The family plays a critical role in the development of the child and the psychosocial virtues needed are purpose and courage (Boeree, 2006). Play and making friends surrounds this stage. learning also takes a significant space in the child’s life (this is the period most of the children are beginning school). During this stage playing around with other children was what I had in mind, spent most of the time out because indoors seemed like a dull place to be.

During this stage, there is more need for industry development while still trying as much as possible to avoid inferiority. At this stage, the child should be able to differentiate pleasure and education hence the child should minimize (tame) imagination and focus more on education. The school and the neighborhood are significant relations and the psychosocial virtue includes competence (Boeree, 2006). Education and play become significant and the child spends most of the time in school than at home.

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