I need some assistance with these assignment. the cost-effectiveness of screening to prevent type 2 diabetes in saudi arabia Thank you in advance for the help! According to the World Health Organization, in developing countries, there are about 70 million suffering from the disease (Mohsen “Publications”). Due to lifestyle and socio-economic changes, this disease is not anymore a disease common in developed nations. it has now come to affect Third World and lesser developed nations. In Saudi Arabia, the prevalence of the disease is increasing. In the past two decades, when the nation has entered an era of vast economic improvements, the prevalence of the disease has also increased. Several studies conducted in different parts of Saudi Arabia yielded alarming results about the figures reflecting growing numbers of diabetes mellitus cases for the nation. In 2004, a study covering about 16000 subjects revealed that 23% of the subjects suffered from diabetes, with men suffering from the disease more than women, and with about 27% of diabetics unaware of the fact that they had diabetes (Al Nozha, et.al. “Articles”).

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