Need help with my writing homework on The Conspiracy Theories for Princess Dianas Death. Write a 6500 word paper answering; The group of conspirators is united in the aim of usurping or overthrowing established political power often, but not always, in secret.

Some elements need to be satisfied for a felony-driven agreement to be termed as a conspiracy. For instance, there has to be money or resources necessary to mobilize the parties involved in the conspiracy (Moench, 2001). Money and other resources are crucial to enable the purchase of materials and swift access to power (Moench, 2001). Money and resources also act as motivational incentives for the conspirators and other parties involved. Money is the main driving force in a conspiracy due to its ability to be used as a tool for manipulation (Moench, 2001). Since most conspiracies involve unlawful or subversive purposes related to plots schemes, intrigues, and collusion, secrecy is a part of the process. Plans and activities have to be planned and implemented in secret using proper disguise techniques (Moench, 2001). However, secrecy is not an essential component of a conspiracy. Some conspiracies are publicized to amplify the influential force.

Conspiracies also involve dupes. These are the individuals who believe what authorities, governmental agencies, and the media tell them without any doubt (Lewis, 2012). The most common techniques conspirators use to attract dupes are propaganda and force. Propaganda is mostly applied when the conspiracy is secret since it manipulates the thoughts or dupes without them knowing (Lewis, 2012). When the conspiracy is publicized, force is used to attract dupes. Conspiracies also involve patsies. These are people set up by conspirators to take the blame for any unlawful activity during the conspiracy (Lewis, 2012). While some patsies could be groups, most are individuals. Most patsies are motivated by money for them to accept the role of a scapegoat during a conspiracy. Most conspiracies involve the control of the media which makes the conspiracy more effective. The control of media requires censorship (Lewis, 2012).

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