Need an research paper on social inclusion, empowerment and health. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Empowerment and advocacy affiliation Empowerment and advocacy Empowerment can be defined as a way in which person with shortcomings, challenges and powerlessness can be provided with a way and means to live normal and productive lives (Lord & Hutchison, 1993). The author further points out that. empowerment is a tool that aims at improving the lives of less perceived people in society (Lord & Hutchison, 1993). Advocacy refers to the measures and efforts put in place to enable empowerment. Through advocacy, involvement by more significant bodies is a possible outcome and the main objective of advocacy. In addition, advocacy aims at enlightening the society in a particular problem they face but unknown to them is the negative impacts on the problem (Lord & Hutchison, 1993). In an argument Lord & Hutchison (1993) empowerment and advocacy are put in place and work more effectively in cases where there is powerlessness.

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