Need an research paper on a survey found that 70 percent of ceos surveryed fall into the category of being highly optimitc, whereas a much lower percentage of chief financial officers were rated as highly, optimistic. do you think these differences reflect personality. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Optimism in CEOs and CFOs Yes, the difference found in the percentage of CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) and CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) for optimism is highly realistic and represents the personalities of both the groups. CEOs always have a more optimistic outlook regarding the business prospects. They are also more eager to take risks, which is something that affects the financial policies of the company, raising concerns for CFOs which makes them less optimistic than CEOs. Optimistic CEOs are known for using more short-term debt because they are positive about their future financing requirements. They are more risk-tolerant which attracts other companies that want mergers and acquisitions. Their risk-taking competency is actually their personality trait that has developed with experience, which gets shown not only in business line but in outlook beyond business. Also, CEOs are often older people with longer tenures than CFOs, which is also a reason behind their positivity about business and life beyond business. On the other hand, CFOs are not very optimistic as they cannot take risks regarding finances. They know that if they lose the game, it might mean over for the company. They avoid rolling the dice, and hence, this proves their personality trait of not being optimistic. Since the economy is already suffering from a setback, CFOs are pessimistic about their future financial needs and opportunities, and hence, they do not want to take risks with consumer confidence in them. They are averse to losses. Hence, the level of optimism in CEOs and CFOs reflect in their personalities and in their decisions about company’s future.

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