Write a 10 pages paper on postoperative care. Type of care given to different patients varies with the surgery option that an individual undergoes. The process is, therefore, continuous after surgery throughout the time a patient stays in hospital. The patient is made aware of any potential side effects as well as complications that may arise during postoperative care. Regarding the type of surgery a patient undergoes, respective potential complications occur during the postoperative care period (Beaman, 2011, pg. 24). During the hospital stay, the care continues after the surgery in the patients room. Mostly a patient stays with an IV on the arm. An IV is a device put on the finger that measures oxygen levels in the patients’ blood as well surgical site dressing. Breathing apparatus and other instruments are useful in ensuring continuous monitoring of the patients signs of progress.

The paper examines Mrs Violet scenario and the process of postoperative care that she will undergo after going through surgery. The patient has lung cancer with a tumour located in the right lobe. therefore, a right middle lobectomy takes place during the surgery with follow-up chemotherapy procedures to follow later. The patient is aged sixty years with an extended family close to her that remains concerned about her diagnosis as well as the prognosis of her future. A critical evaluation relating to decision-making process as well as the care planning process for Mrs Violet occurs through focusing on three main aspects namely: respiration, pain management, as well as chest drain monitoring.

The first focus refers to Respiration care needs that Mrs Violet will need to undergo. A lobectomy procedure occurs in the surgical ward so as to remove one lobe of the lungs. Mrs Violet is suffering from lung cancer. therefore, removal of the portion is essential. After removal of one lobe, the remaining healthy tissue is expected to maintain adequate lung functioning.

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