You will prepare and submit a term paper on Population Demographics and Genetic Diversity. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. The living standards of the two places in relation to income are almost the same. The median income for zip code 85701 is 19337 while that of 85706 is 27,369 which is the highest of all thus having the highest income levels thereby reflecting high standards of living.

The cost of living index is a price index that measures the cost of living in a place over time. The cost of living index of zip code 85,719 is 112.3 while that of zip code 85705 is 60.8. In addition, the cost of living index for zip code 85701 is 124.1 and that of 85,706 is 67.7. From the comparison, the cost of living index is higher in zip code 87701 as compared to other areas because a higher indicator is a sign of high standards of living (Zipwho, 2014). The index provides a comparison of various zip codes and it is an indicator of whether they will maintain the current standards of living or the standards will increase or decrease.

In terms of marital status, the number of married people in 85701 is 29.4 per cent while those divorced is 17.7 percent. The percentage of people married in the zip code 85706 is fifty point nine percent while those divorced is eleven point four percent. For zip code 85705, the percent of married people is forty-one point seven while those divorced are sixteen point nine percent. In comparison with the zip code 85719, the percent of married people is 26.2 percent and those divorced are 10.7 percent. In relation to others, the zip code 85717 has the least number of married people as well the least number of people divorced.&nbsp.

In terms of population size, zip code 85719 has got a population of 44181. Furthermore, the population of zip code 85705 is 55083 which is a bit higher to zip code 85719. The population of zip code 85706 is 70601 and lastly, the population of zip code 85701 is 4,506 hence the area with the least population (Zipwho, 2014). The area with zip code 85,706 has the highest population size in those areas hence there is a big disparity in population size in all the areas.

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