Need an research paper on philosophy of social work. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism. I have not only answered these questions, I feel that I have elaborated on them and asked further questions to the principal answers, in order to explore them on deeper levels. I feel that the resulting answer reflects not a simple, pre-determined response to the question. it rather reflects a step by step response to the question – a response I did not know I would provide until I had assessed and recorded it. In relation to philosophical concepts, a single, predetermined answer is not possible, or rather lacking as a response. Rather, my staged self-exploration provides a deeper understanding of my philosophical approach to social work.

Before I attempt to define my own personal philosophy of social work, I feel that a more ample beginning is required. a much more basic start from which I can build the foundations of my personal philosophy. I feel that I must define the term ‘social work’. what it means to me, how I interpret it and adopt it in my work. For to do this is to have constructed a basis when properly answering the question ‘what is my philosophy of social work?’ To explore the personal definition of the very concept I seek to explain my philosophical outlook upon, I explore the methods and basic contexts within which I try to define the term. I bring everything together neatly, which was once jumbled and unexplored until now.

So, the beginning: what is social work to me? How do I define it and with what frame of mind? To help others, to bring those in need to an equal level with others, to achieve and maintain justice, to keep a constant compassionate and optimistic outlook, to ensure liberty, to restore and assign rights. This is social work.

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