Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on obstacles to democratization in the middle east. The protests were organized in major towns and cities in the affected countries. In Egypt, for example, major protests would be organized in the Tahir Square where thousands of protesters would gather chanting anti-government slogans. The protest in Egypt resulted in the ousting of the then President Hosni Mubarak.

One of the main reasons why the Arab Spring of 2011 was organized was to remove the old autocratic and dictators and replace them with a democratic government. Most of the placards carried by the protestors contained messages calling for a democratic government that respects the rights of human beings and the rule of law. Indeed, evidence shows that the majority of the Middle East countries are ruled by autocratic leaders and dictators who disregard the rule of law. Therefore, when the opportunity came in 2011, the people who have been oppressed for decades took the opportunity by organizing protests to oust the old regimes from power. Hosni Mubarak, for instance, had ruled Egypt for more than four decades at the time of his ousting. Surprisingly, he was still ready to continue ruling Egypt despite his advanced age. The same was replicated in most Arab states where presidents like clinging to power and using it for personal gain. As such, the best way to remove them and replace them with a democratic regime was through the Arab Spring.

While some of the Arab Springs were successful in ousting old dictators, evidence shows that the Arab Springs have not been successful in bringing democracy in the Middle East. Everything appears to have remained the same despite the change of the old regimes, which were believed to be a hindrance to democracy. Tunisia, for example, was the first country to succeed in ousting its autocratic president. However, the ongoings in Tunisia show that even the regime that replaced the old regime still disregards the rule of law and is ruling through a dictatorship. The same applies to Egypt where the&nbsp.successful ousting of Mubarak has not helped establish democracy.

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