You will prepare and submit a term paper on News paper report. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Environmental studies It is clear that climate change is now a threat to the world. I understand that this has caused scientists and the concerned people sleepless nights. All are trying every means to control the looming issue of climate change, mostly the global warming phenomenon. It is true that action should be taken, to curb this situation, however to my own opinion, the target has been missed.

We shouldnt wait for damage before we start running up and down, trying to control the worsening situation. It is true the articles outlined here, all address the issues of global warming. It is imperative that however many the articles or authors are trying to find the extent to which the damage has been by global warming. they are not giving out the immediate solution on the same.


Global warming, is s form of climate change, causes the rise of water in the sea level. This is a dangerous process since it puts historical sites and the coastal lines in danger, since they are vulnerable to erosion.

The Britain fear

The nice historic sites of this country are in danger, address the Monday 17, March 2014 newspaper. They are worried that those beautiful sites that were built on coastlines are now in danger (Sawer 2014). This has been caused by global warming, were the sea tides and water level are ever increasing. Worried that these sites are under threat, the main message passed here is that, a way should be established to control the everyday worsening situation. Listing several sites that are under threat, the paper reveals the sites that immediate action should be taken by the government, so that they should be saved from the danger they are facing.

Greenland in dilemma

The Monday 17, March 2014 is another paper that reveals how global warming has proved a threat to the Greenland. The paper demonstrates the ice sheet that has been resisting global warming is now loose (AFP 2014). This is an issue of concern as the paper demonstrates that the unstable ice now adds billions of tones of melt irrigate to the sea, hence making it rise. The water level is increasing due to the surge in temperature. According to the paper, Greenland is one of those countries that have contributed largely on the rise of the sea level. This is another issue of concerned, caused by global warming, and so the need to live with it should be embraced, since it is a natural phenomenon that nobody can totally control.

The whole U.K is crying

It forced the energy secretary on the platform of liberal democrat Mr. Ed Davey to attack the climate skeptics on the issue of global warming. In the issue published on March 17, 2014, he said scientific skeptics should “shut it”, and accept the evidence about how global warming has become a threat to not only the U.K people but the whole world (Dominiczak 2014).

He asserts that it is better for politicians to listen to the scientists about the degree to which global warming has affected the world. He said that global warming is the cause of extreme weather, which will affect the world and with time, this can cause a serious problem, if initiatives are not taken into action. Generally, his call through this paper was that global warming is real, and so those who do not belief should consider evidences on the same. Then, government should take every step or every means to prevent the subjected issue from doing further damages. This has moved from a national issue to a global issue, said Mr. Davey. The paper also demonstrates that man-made climate changes are also associated with global warming. They are the source of threat that the whole world is facing on global warming today.

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