Compose a 2750 words assignment on methods of georeferencing. Needs to be plagiarism free! When Exterior Orientation parameters are directly determined using special positioning and sensors for orientation then this is referred to as Direct Georeferencing, whereas when Aerial Triangulation combined with an extracted block of images which are well distributed is used to determine Exterior Orientation then this gives Indirect Georeferencing. Conversely, when the above two mentioned technique to effectively determines the Exterior Orientation then this is technically known as Integrated Sensor Orientation (ISO) (Tewari, 2007, p88).

Direct Georeferencing commonly denoted by (DG) is used to refer to a system having the capacity to directly associate data collected by a sensor remotely from the earth’s surface. The system does this by precisely taking the measure of the geographical position and the orientation of the remote gadget eliminating the use of aged control points, which are based on the ground. This approach is best achieved when the Integral Measurement Unit and Differential Global Position System are perfectly integrated together. When employing the direct method, the accuracy of the ground object coordinate relies on the Global Positioning System for the position and heavily on the Integral Measurement Unit for accurate orientation. When ground control points are not clear as is in the case of grounds covered with snow, in deserts, and in coastlines then Direct Georeferencing can only be the best option.

Occurrences such as floods and forest fires amongst others demand emergency applications, as there is a greater need for faster orthophoto generation, which is subjected to limited time and resources. Direct Georeferencing/ method system utilizes a single strip orientation. In cases where the Digital Elevation Model dominates direct method is proposed because it provides a sound solution in addition to being cost-effective. With the Direct method, an&nbsp.orientation error exists which leads to an orientation error on the real ground in terms of the flying height.&nbsp.

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