Write 4 pages with APA style on Management Papers (leadership). Leadership is the process of motivating the actions of the people or a group in order to achieve the set of goals. There are five vital points that a leader must consider to become a successful leader wherein a leader must develop the trust and reliability of its followers. Moreover, the leader should also have the quality of sharing its vision which is quite clear and concise. A leader also must have a good interpersonal expertise of training, mentoring, interacting and listening. A leader should be responsible enough and liable for the decisions made. Moreover, the leader must have an outlook of accomplishing the desired goals by controlling each and every aspect of goal attainment and moving towards the right path (MasterClassManagement.com, “Five Key Points to Strong Leadership (thus a Great Manager)”).

It has been viewed that both leaders and managers have different qualities. Leaders have an active outlook towards the attainment of goals while managers have a passive outlook. Leaders usually undergo through risk when they understand that the opportunities are prospective but managers have the tendency of avoiding risk (Zaleznik, “Managers and Leaders Are They Different?”).

Steve Jobs has been considered to be one of the most successful leaders in the modern time. He had practiced such leadership that entirely changed the position of Apple Inc. which is regarded as one of the most valuable companies in the present era. As the time passed, I considered him as my role model whose leadership characters had a little similarity with my characteristics of leadership. Consequently, alike my role model, I also found out that I possess certain key strengths and weaknesses within my leadership capabilities. Thus, I revealed the strengths of my leadership quality wherein I found out that I have good communication skills both written and verbally.

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