Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Machivelli. of Machiavelli’s The Prince I have a logical reasoning behind my agreement with Machiavelli’s The Prince. The reason behind my agreement is merely because he has been able to keep an interrelated pattern of different behaviors of a human nature and also the ways in which this combination affects the politics in a wider spectrum. The true essence of politics is only evident when the human nature becomes conscious of the interests. This has been a focus of Machiavelli in his essay because politics are affected when one group is being threatened. In the essay of Machiavelli, the person is rather noted to be the individual that makes the changes, be it negative or positive.

In order to back up my ideal about the working schema of the essay by Machiavelli, there are some of the aspects that are being discussed here from the context of the essay ( Machiavelli have noted that one should never intrude in one’s property because that may threaten the social security of an individual which may put him under the impression that he or she needs to be a rebel which affects the social environment. Those who appear greedy will always get a similar treatment in a society (

Issue # 1:

The first issue that is taken under debate regarding the text is that Machiavelli has shown a rather greedy side of a prince where he would be concerned about each and every aspect of the materials that may enforce him with power. I believe that this is not just a fake statement by the author because it is true in all dimensions. The monarchs or the government head always try to get more power if they have access to. If the material that provides power belongs to one person that the prince (representation of monarchs or the government) will be inclined towards that individual to gain power for authority.

Issue # 2:

Another issue which is merely regarding the attribute of a prince being fearful or loved is that Machiavelli suggested in his text that government needs to be sure of the fact of being loved or feared by its people. Some governments would like to be feared while other would be loved. As per the suggestion of Machiavelli, one should be able to feared and then loved. This is agreeable as the government needs to empower the people when they are given the right way.

Issue # 3:

The cruelty has also been considered as an aspect of argument. It is in the manner as stated by the author. Clement should be the way of governing rather than being cruel. The author has justified this stance in the form of governments in the previous times which went unsuccessful to provide developmental opportunities to their people. Consequently, these governments didn’t last for long.

Thus, it can be said that the guide that has been provided my Machiavelli in his essay The Prince seems to be effective in every logical ground of politics. It is because of this reason that I rather consider the essay to be agreed upon (

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