Write a 5 pages paper on the links between families and occupations. I have heard elders in my family say that very often, they have seen some children that easily take on the culture, attitudes, ambition and desires of their parents and grandparents, whereas other children have trouble assimilating to these things and rebel.

With this in mind, I have observed how members of my family look at jobs, careers and occupations, and find that what I heard is true. For example, my sister has taken on the attitudes and desires of my parents, and I have rebelled.

The following occupational family tree shows three generations of my family, and how some of us have kept up traditions, and others abandoned them. Trying to determine whether gender plays a part is difficult, because some young men have upheld tradition, while young women went against the grain, and the reverse is also true. Changes in levels of education with the passing of generations have a lot to do with why some children change track. (Ballantine and Roberts, 2008 )

In this notional occupational tree, I am Mary Wang. I obtained my biology degree almost against my family’s wishes, but I was determined to be as unlike my father, Arthur, and my brother (Fred) and sister (Pauline) as I could.

My grandparents came from larger families than ours. My grandmother May Ng-Le, for example, was one of five children, all girls. They all married tradesmen like shoemakers (but some of them worked in factories) because that is what they knew. They had the culture and attitudes of their forebears, who were immigrants. Although my grandmother had a good education, Grandpa Harry insisted she stayed at home to look after Mom and her two brothers like his Mom did. Grandma May remembered how hard her mother worked in their laundry, and how often she had to prepare family meals and help with the young ones because Great-Grandma Sue was always so tired.

However, all that hard work meant they made quite a lot of money and became prosperous, and their children had a good education.

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