Write 7 pages with APA style on Lab On Chip Device. To begin with, there were a lot of questions on whether the idea of miniaturization would be real in “the coming century’s technology or just a fantasy”. These devices have many compelling advantages, however, designing and coming up with devices that are reduced in size, and function effectively is a real challenge. The pioneers then realized the great financial input and research effort required to realize the full capability of the concept[43]. At the present, into that ‘coming’ century, it is evident that labs on chips are with us and here to stay. Engineers and physicists are now coming up with exciting functionality, and are in the process of

These tools are used by chemists in the synthesis of new molecules and materials. Biologists are also using them in the study of complex cellular processes. To add on that, labs on chips have the ability to offer point-of-care diagnostic that could revolutionize the field of medicine[19]. These devices can also be used in other areas e.g. it can be used in a collection of industrial applications and environmental monitoring. Commercial exploitation is now gaining pace after a period of being slow, with some products now on the market.

This research was carried out on books as well as articles so as to gather the information that will help in the discussion of relevant matters and also obtain the required information in the study research.

The major findings were the information on the history of Lab on-chip devices and how they were improved with time. Also, the advantages of the devices e.g. efficiency and cost-effectiveness and why it is of real importance. The disadvantages were also found and some of the areas where this technology has been applied.

A lab on chip (LOC) device is a device which can be able to integrate miniaturized laboratory functions on a single microprocessor chip using minute fluid volumes in quantities of up to less than picolitres and nanolitres[8].

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