I will pay for the following article Jackie O concert review. The work is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Kennedy, belcher played Andy Warhol, Stephanie played Maria Callas and Joyce played Grace Kelly.

The compositions according to the concert were twenty five. It however starts with an overture of Jackie’s song. It is played with a violin which leads to the beginning of the concert. The list then goes on to the different compositions and then ends with bows and credits. The main list of compositions includes the following.

3. Describe one or more musical elements that you recognize in the compositions. Identify the style period (If you are unaware what the style is, look up the composer and compare it to the period discussed in the book). The dates will often appear in the program. Mention any instrument that stands out and explain why

In the composition, there is the use of the cello mostly. It stands out for me as it brings out the melancholy. It is played solo and it gives voice to Jackie’s song that is without voice in the beginning and enables one to understand the mood of the song and the opera.

Other instruments used in the composition include, the piano, percussion, clarinet, the cello, a drum, saxophone, horn, trumpet, acoustic guitar, a bassoon, harp, trombone, tuba, strings and the flute. The style period is regarded as an opera because it is a series of many acts and compositions throughout the concert. Others may also call it a song cycle because of the different compositions in it.

The concert is full of life. The performances bring much meaning to the titles and compositions of each of them. The costumes by the performances and the voices bring out melodies that create great symphony with the instruments. Each role of every performer is very well illustrated to bring out the stories of the opera according to Daugherty. The life presented for Jackie O is a flow of both joy and sadness.

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