Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Issues Which Face Non-native Speakers in the U.S. International students provide many resources because through them, the institutions are able to raise finances that can help them run their affairs smoothly (Hanson & Zambito, 2009). Unfortunately, so many challenges always await them. Trying to assume these challenges lead to other psychological disorders in most of these students.

According to most research findings, it is very evident that most of the non-native students face many issues because of language variation. All of the international institutions based in the US use English as the basic learning and communication tool. Being an academic tool, most of the non-native students do not have a grasp of the English language. They find it very difficult to communicate and understand the class teachings. For instance, a Spanish student will have trouble pronouncing most of the English words like it when referring to inanimate objects. Most of the English nouns in some cases do not take the structure of articles like a, an, the. A good example is, we are all part of nature. On the contrary, Spanish nouns in most cases are used together with these articles (Burt and Carol, 1972). In Korea, pronouns are gender insensitive. For this reason, most Koreans find it difficult in differentiating gender using English words. In most circumstances, they end up using the inanimate article when referring to people.

Culture and diversity (Reid, 2012). Most of the native students have the power and strength to face their school lives because they have a close association with a culture they can identify. Non-native students lack this in their school life and thus make their experience challenging. Learning is best an individual can feel comfort in the immediate environment. Due to culture shock, most of the non-native students struggle for personal independence. This in its own way creates loneliness in them thus making it difficult for a smoothing learning experience. Still, on culture, non-native students may have to learn and live with the new type of culture a way of life.

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