Write 6 pages thesis on the topic islamophobia: western media contribution to hate on islam. According to Allen (2010), the influential report by Runneymede in the year 1997 marked the beginning of Islamophobia.

Despite both Christians and Muslims believing in God as being supreme and above everything, most Christians feel that Muslims are routinely inviting and enrolling people in Islam so that Islam can become the dominant religion. Christians have always felt that Islam is their major competitor (Kidd, 2009). This feeling of competition brings forth the tension between Christians and Muslims.

According to Roald (2003), bias towards interpreting the religious text is strongly felt in Islam than in any other religion. The author feels that there is much reference to the Koranic verse on the position of man and woman in a family than any other verse whenever issues of marriage are discussed. Emphasis on this verse underlines the position of women in Islam. Many people view Muslims as people who have negative perceptions of women and people who don’t appreciate equality. However, women are respected and encouraged to adhere to Islamic teachings.

According to Diamond & Plattner (2008), the people who prefer secular democracy and those who prefer Islamic democracy have very few differences. Those who prefer secular democracy would be open to permit a norm that is in line with democratic values while those who prefer Islamic democracy will have minor differences. Many Arabs also agree that public opinion surveys are not very much welcomed in the Muslim world. Some Muslim countries forbid the surveys in totality.

According to Neuman & Jake (2009), honor killings, which are performed by some families in the Muslim community to maintain the honor of the family continue to paint a bad picture of Islam.

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