Write 2 pages with APA style on Introduction of my self. First Institute Cover letter Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to apply for the vacant post in Special Assets Management with SCFirst Bank, for which my candidature is most suitable based on my learning and experience. For this reason, I would like to provide a brief background about myself. In pursuit of my dream of studying overseas, I left home at the age of thirteen and began my journey towards achieving my dream. With much apprehension and insecurity, I entered the foreign land. Eventually, I changed my view and adopted an attitude of learning by getting accustomed to new ethnicity and culture. As the first step towards this new learning, I decided to learn English, and so opted English as my second language in my academics. English being a commonly understood language proved extremely beneficial for me in this foreign land as it helped in earning many friends that belonged to various ethnic groups and cultures both in Korea and the United States. English also helped me in improving my conversational skills and in increasing my social network, which further enhanced my confidence and strengthened my personality. This confidence helped me in passing out matriculation from Pennsylvania State University.


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