Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses individual behavior in social interactions. Furthermore, it would shed light on the problem associated with the topic following research done from a theoretical perspective. One of the key factors is Emotional Intelligence (EI) when the concept of individual behavior is discussed, therefore a section of the paper will focus on the respective issue of EI. the paper would extend further to analyze the progress made in this area of psychology, and the shortfalls in the research done. Eventually, it culminates with a summary of the key factors in the study of individual behavior in social interactions and its strengths and limitations.

Back in the 1920s, a branch of psychology emerged that pertained to the behavior of individuals and their personality, motivation factors, and attitude with regards to social interactions – this study is specifically known as social psychology. It refers to how different factors and dynamics present in the social groups with which the individual interacts can shape his behavior (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2008). Social interactions, in particular, talks about the numerous verbal and non-verbal signal adapted by individuals while interacting with others, these signals could include gazes, gestures, and tones of voices, etc., these signals are following the factors which determine the individual’s behavior when interacting with others in the social environment (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2010).

Social interactions are various types of external factors which can influence the way an individual behaves and can, thus, leave an impact on the individual’s preferences, and in areas of decision making where strategic complications exist, then the study of individual behavior with regards to social interactions can reconcile the differences in the results obtained in proportionate variances in the fundamentals&nbsp.of research (Scheinkman, 2010). Individual behaviors in different social interactions can be assessed to answer certain problems of society, such as crime factors.

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