You will prepare and submit a term paper on How to Reduce Hunger, Diseases and Poverty in Africa. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. Poverty has caused a lot of hunger in many African countries. Karapinar and Christian noted that, in the poor countries, many farmers consume all of their staple food output. Perhaps, lack of entrepreneurship strategies in this region especially by these farmers accelerates the level of poverty. Uncontrolled food prices pose a great threat to low-income earners, who at one time have plenty of it, but fail to utilize it and sell it as a form of business. If this assertion by Karapinar and Christian is critically reviewed, then it can be argued that Africa is not a poor country, what lack are principles and policies regarding food management.&nbsp.&nbsp.

According to Rice 16, the agricultural techniques are a major contributor to the poor yield the farmers in the region received. The agricultural practices are poor and therefore, the yields are minimal. this does not support the growing population in East Africa. The large-scale farmers produce poor yield. The crops are destroyed during harvesting due to poor harvesting methods, and a lot more food is destroyed in storage as they are affected by pests and diseases. On his part, Watson mentioned that hunger in Africa has been caused by issues that pertain the climate changes, poverty, poor agricultural practices, conflicts, unfair trades, HIV/AIDS-related problems, lack of water and overdependence to donor funding.

The United States Senate cited that the unfair trade markets affect people’s trading of goods across continents. Unfair trade markets have also contributed to hunger in one way or another. the exportation of food crops has become very lucrative in Africa, but the problem arises because the crops being exported are being underpaid and the freight charges are high. This still hinders the growth of GDP. It contributes to hunger as it increases the rate of hunger in the population due to poverty. However, dependence on donor funding has made more people in Africa not work for their food. They do not look for sustainable measures to end poverty and food insecurity in their regions. The wait for donor funding and food aids from the various donors for their survival.

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