Need help with my writing homework on Historical Roots of the Political Culture Concep. Write a 1250 word paper answering; The political culture concept is developed basing on a number of assumptions and historical sources that govern it (Caramani, 288). The primary assumption of the development of political culture is that the determination of the political system to regulate an individual population is the beliefs, orientations, and values of the community. The assumption is attributed to Aristotle, who explained the development of democracies from middle-class societies having egalitarian ethos. The formation of political culture is a threefold causal process that encompasses Aristotle’s assumption (Caramani, 288).

The process starts with the formation of social structures by a given population followed by the presence of predominant beliefs and values among the population resulting in a particular set of values associated with the chosen community. The third stage in the development of political culture is the acceptance of a particular political system by the population basing on the beliefs and values predominant in the population. The process is exemplified by the development of dictatorship that starts from social structures that are hierarchically followed by authoritarian ideas shaping the beliefs and values of the community paving the way for the acceptance of dictatorship as an accepted political system. The development of tyranny results from the presence of egalitarian beliefs that are caused by horizontal social structures in the community (Caramani, 288).

The arguments for political culture show that a constitution of a nation’s political system as a monarchy, tyranny, or republic is dependent on the presence of honest, servile, or egalitarian views among the constituents of that nation. The American people also demonstrate these historical roots of political culture through their liberal, participatory, and egalitarian behaviors that have resulted in the flourishing of democracy. The [presence of these beliefs and values in America was conducive for democracy to thrive further strengthening the historical roots of political culture.

The rise of the Nazis and the subsequent Holocaust and WWII is an explicit depiction of political culture and explains that democracy requires the legitimacy of the constituents and orientations for democracy to succeed.

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