I need some assistance with these assignment. frank serpico: resisting organizational deviance Thank you in advance for the help! The corruption was described as conduct in which police officers unlawfully confiscating illegal drugs and cash from drug dealers and providing protection for the unlawful drug trade (Greene). Corruption of a similar nature took place in gambling and prostitution where the cash stakes were similarly high (Maas). Not all of the officers were participating in this circle of corruption. Other officers observing the corrupt practices simply decided against doing anything about it and as a consequence merely turned a blind eye to the corruption (Maas). Since the corruption was concentrated among plainclothes police officers, other cops not wishing to participate in the corruption requested and secured transfers to uniform police departments (Maas).

Seperico apparently decided to process the information he acquired relative to organizational deviance and there was never any doubt that he was opposed to this kind of behavior (Maas). What distinguishes Serpico and inspires me is that he not only decided to refuse to go along with the corruption, but that he also decided that he was not going to simply “look the other way” (Maas 13). Serpico took his oath to “uphold the law” very seriously and in doing so became the first police officer to report corruption and to “voluntarily” give evidence of it in court (Maas 13). In making the decision to confront the corruption Serpico sought to advise an officer who prior to joining the police could not decide between whether or not he wanted to join the priesthood or the police. The officer advised Serpico that what he should do was “make an example” of himself (Maas).

Serpico’s decision to fight corruption by reporting it and testifying in court is no small feat. Going against fellow officers was looked upon as far more reprehensible than the corruption itself (Maas). Therefore, stepping forward against this kind of organizational culture took a great deal of courage and individuality.&nbsp.&nbsp.As Gobert and Punch argue, whistleblowers play a significant role in countering “organizational deviance” (25).&nbsp.&nbsp.

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