Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses food marketing for kids: a threat to childrens health. Advertisements in the present day offer children an unlimited viewing pleasure as they contain adventurous and magical themes that fascinate the imagination of kids across the world. Children tend to fall prey to the lure of ads and they imagine that eating or drinking the product promoted through the ad can make them like the characters portrayed in it. Thus, they insist on having the food or beverage that is advertised in this manner, without being actually conscious of the effects such food can have on them.&nbsp.

Advertisers primarily target children because though they do not have the purchasing capacity, they do possess the potential to significantly influence the purchasing decisions of their parents. In the case of teenagers, most are having adequate disposable money with them, which enable to buy the F&B items they like to consume. Advertisers also view children as the future market because in the future they will become adult customers. Most of the firms in the F&B industry are promoting food items that are rich in calories, sugar, fat, etc apart from preservatives and colors that pose a threat to children’s health. Similarly, while the boiled and baked potato is nutritious, when it is used as French fries, it becomes a risk for health. In addition, the processing methods and certain additives make the food unhealthy. Thus, firms in the F&B industry, which are merely driven by a profit motive, are engaging in unethical advertising practices and risking the health of children. Establishments like the World Health Organization (WHO) have recognized the significance of this issue and in coalition with other groups in different nations have called for stringent “regulation of advertising via media” (Heller et al 16).

Research evidence further suggests that the “nutrient profile” being advertised in the media ads contains “no or minimal amounts” of the contents they claim (18).

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