I need some assistance with these assignment. experience for personal growth and the welfare of others Thank you in advance for the help! The professions including healthcare and medicine, legal system and judiciary, housing and buildings, revenue and others strictly adhere to professional code of conduct, which not only enhances their honor and respect as a community but also discourages violation of rules and misconduct as well on the part of the professionals. Consequently, the individuals serving against authoritative positions particularly remain well alert and conscious about their conduct, so that they could avoid and escape the complaints made by the public on violating the professional ethics explained and defined by the professional code of conduct. For instance, the legal profession does not allow any type of advertisement of their services to the lawyers. consequently, the lawyers are not allowed to even prepare any flyers of large boards containing their names, qualification, and professional experiences, etc to capture the attention of clients. Similarly, lawyers and doctors are bound to keep the secrets of their clients to themselves, and the code of conduct strictly prohibits them to disclose any kind of information their clients have discussed with them as medical or legal counsels.

Code of conduct stringently commands the professionals to perform all their duties and obligations with honesty, integrity, and dedication without making any compromise on the quality of the work they are offering to the customers and public. The code also instructs them not to conceal any truth or reality to the customers. even it is bitter, unpleasant and problem creating for the clients. Similarly, the code of conduct vehemently condemns raising false and lame excuses to delay one’s responsibilities in the wait for extra favors or bribery to be extracted from the public. Additionally, the code of conduct censures offering gifts to the officials and superiors as well as to provide undue favors to the seniors, friends, and relations to practice nepotism and thus depriving the deserving members of the society of their just rights and privileges.

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