Write 18 pages thesis on the topic ego psychology and social work practice. These are the five minutes where I learned the cause of the client’s suffering. We spoke for a very long time and decided to begin his treatment soon. He admitted during the session that he had taken drugs on at least six occasions, yet he felt like he was addicted.

On the basis of this, I decide to apply the cognitive behavior theory and initiate S.B into cognitive behavior therapy. (Beck, 1993) The analysis that went into arriving at this decision is as follows.

Let us go back to the word “cognitive” for a better understanding of the factors listed above. To begin with, every human being is initiated into a particular belief or value system right from the time he or she is born. As a matter of fact, many studies and social scientists believe that informal education or orientation towards one’s basic belief and value system begins once a child is conceived in a mother’s womb. According to numerous studies, a fetus responds to every little sound while in the mother’s womb. This is but a small example of informal training. (Brearley, 1994) Informal education by no means stops once a child enters an educational institution. Formal education through an educational institution simply sharpens the brains and prepares it to recognize those symbols that will bring a person towards actual worthwhile learning through external experiences.&nbsp.

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