Need an research paper on do standards hinder innovation in the it. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. INNOVATIONS AND IT by + When standards and boundaries are imposed on innovation, there more likely that the amount of creativity will be limited. People will unconsciously or naturally limit their level of thinking. For this reason they will be demotivated by the fact that they will not use all the resources and ideas at hand to develop the best solution. Setting boundaries arises the potential of shortening the cycle for innovation and enables them to shift the next challenge or challenge. Additionally, when IT guys work in an environment that is governed by standards the resulting outcome will have a narrow impact since less people will be able to implement and use it (Grösser, 2013). For instance, in Technology Infrastructure Library, the practice is less applicable to provide the service management for the information. Having the standards in place will challenge the people to create innovative and new ways of applying the framework and in developing new services that could not be delivered assuming the standards were not in place.

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