Compose a 1250 words assignment on judith thomsons responsibility argument. Needs to be plagiarism free! That is why in the course of the years, both sides of the discussion tried to come up with convincing argument. This paper ill describe and then critically analyze one of the ideas that was developed by Judith Thomson who supports abortion.

In the course of the defense, the author comes up with several analogies which are supposed to be projected on the issue of abortion and convince the people that the latter is permissible. One of such analogues deals with the imaginary people-seeds. According to the author, there is world where the latter are floating in the air freely and are able to root in one’s furniture. One is able to take special precautions not to let them happen by installing special screens that would keep this pollen away. However, just like any material object, the screens might be defective and people-seeds might eventually end up in the house and root in the furniture. There is no doubt that the parallel between this thought experiment and conception is straightforward.

The author goes further, claiming that there are certain rights that can be identified in this situation. First of all, the people-seeds do not have a legitimate right to dwell in the apartment of the person. The latter does not want to have children and the fact that the seeds were able to get it is nothing, but a coincidence. In addition to that, this person has an absolute right to get rid of the people-seeds since the latter are not welcome in the house. As one can clearly see this is a clear allusion to abortion.

What is more important is that one can also name several duties that people have with regard to the question above. First of all, it is their duty to use means of protection that are available, primarily the above mentioned screens.

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