I need some assistance with these assignment. digital communication and death of print journalism Thank you in advance for the help! Digital Communication and Death of Print Journalism

Digital communication has brought in a whole new dimension to journalism. Digital journalism is fast making inroads into the daily lives of people and has put the traditional print journalism in danger. Digital journalism is the journalism that is originated from the internet. Digital journalism is shifting the power that a few large organizations had to the hands of the individuals. Internet has made journalism interactive unlike print journalism which was mainly a one way communication.

Digital communication tools such as blogs and micro-blogging sites have taken journalism to a whole new different level. Digital journalism can be instantaneous and can spread news faster than any other mass media. Also it gives the power of journalism to individuals not represented by any corporation. Individuals who are not professional journalists also can report news and put it out as the open source. Digital communication has built a platform for sharing unbiased news and at the same time getting numerous perspectives. More importantly, it is an interactive forum and allows for a debate on the news from the general public (Schultz, 1999).

Digital journalism is now starting to pose a serious threat to print journalism. Digital journalism has numerous advantages over the traditional print journalism. Many daily newspapers are now starting to have digital presence. In today’s world people lead a high-tech and busy life. People are always on the move and go to the internet for all they need. Print media is slowly loosing reader base to digital journalism (Zafra, 2007). The one communication style and delay in reporting is all contributing to the decline of print journalism. It is definitely clear that in the near future print journalism will be completely replaced by digital journalism.

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