Need an research paper on development of multilateral diplomacy in europe in 19th century. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. The extension of that system through the growth of European influence overseas, the eventual erosion of Europe’s pre-eminence, the rise of the superpowers, the birth of new states, and the challenge of universalist creeds and ideologies, each in their own way influenced the methods, style and content of diplomacy. The emancipation within barely thirty years of almost all the colonial and dependent territories of Britain, France, the Netherlands and Portugal thus vastly inflated the world’s corps diplomatiques, strained traditional diplomatic values, and transformed institutionalized ‘multilateral diplomacy’ – or diplomacy by committee as it has been most appropriately termed – from a convenience into a necessity.

The post-Cold War multilateral diplomacy is exemplified by more versatile policies of meetings and discussions with enormous issues and the rising contribution of authorities, national groups and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). Multilateral diplomacy was trying to get used to to these new circumstances. Several issues were escalating ‘multilateral diplomacy’ in Europe – such as scientific, economic, anti political matters are worldwide and enormous in extent (Anderson 1993, pg. 106). They are outstripping the age-old means by which European regime managed them.

The signing of the Peace of Westphalia reinforced by the treaty of Utrecht in 1713, founded the theory of nationwide control, thus placing the nations of Europe on equivalent lawful balance (Clive 1999, pg. 689). This concept of self-governing equivalence – awarding each state with protective honour and the right to carry out domestic and overseas dealings without outer involvement – symbolizes the initial real ordering code amongst nations. After Westphalia, ‘decentralized control by self-governing states’ (Falk 1969, p. 69) gave the foundation of straight international order essential to the following expansion of worldwide organization.

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