Write 2 pages thesis on the topic design and facitilities. Design and facilities Equipment Requirements The detailed explanation of the equipment’s required and how they work. It is however important to give an understanding of the equipment the company will require in installing the system from a technical, performance, usability, reliability and security level that will help in assessing the implementation costs and procedures in discussion.


The hardware and software equipment as explained by (Paradi, 23) that is required for the restaurant includes computers and other related resources such as printers and connection internet that will enable the machines to be linked. On run time the active directory picks on a 2008 or 2003 windows server incorporated with a windows 2000 server domain controller. The interface usage however will require a windows vista, XP, 2000 or NT software platform to run. Developers intending to use the directory will need to install a software development platform kit to be able to link up with other tools that are offered by the system.

The software needed for the restaurant would be in two parts defines, the typical installation and custom installation. The typical installation include at least a windows operating system service pack one and above and windows server 2003. The custom installation on the other hand is involved with installation of the server and client stations which basically requires client server software such as SQL server 2000 with service pack one and above.


The active directory once up and running will be able to track everything as an object since it captures many items which may share the same attributes. The structure of the directory takes up the hierarchical way where objects are divided into two broad categories being resources and security principals, resources being items such as printers and security principals being used to control the access and security log in explains (Paradi, 24).

With the highly implemented system the company will be able to read each object as a single entity and its attributes characteristics that the object can obtain known as a schema.

From here each schema that is needed can be used in different class objects its objects enabling extension and modification where necessary. As with many assigned codes changing of the objects may lead to changing the structure that is set for the active directory itself and proper planning should be done before the consideration is made.


The design gives a platform that is more user friendly compared to the previous one that was being used by the company. It has been designed to access features from different network providers giving the environment for easy management of network resources. The interface enables administrators to add new users, manage printing problems and relocate resources equally to the clients who need them (Paradi, 25).

This has enabled administrators automate these simple task that were previously needed a one on one basis. The potential software vendors are able to publish their information using the directory enable option that is visible in the new interface. The developer audience has also been put in a more comfortable state in that client applications can be written in many languages hence flexible.

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