Need help with my writing homework on Cultural and Historical Analysis of Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield at Romanoffs. Write a 1250 word paper answering; The extreme part of the photo shows when Jayne. who was seated between Sophie and her dinner companion attempted to pick an object from the table, which left her nipple exposed. Although many would feel that it is jealous that is reflected in the eyes of Sophie, there would be others who would judge that instead of jealous the film star from Italy would have been harboring the feeling of a lack of comfort or disagreement since they held opposite beliefs from each other. Jayne was known for exposing her cleavage and most of the time made a living from it. As such, it may not be everyone including Sophie who would agree with her on that. They exhibit their differences based on the variation in glamour, superiority and high esteem that the American superstars from Hollywood had as opposed to their Italian counterparts owing to the high ratings of their films.

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