Need help with my writing homework on Critical Analysis on Route Reservation in Ad Hoc Networks. Write a 2750 word paper answering; In addition to providing high bandwidth to network appli­cations, another important emerging requirement for the fu­ture Internet is the provision of guaranteed quality of service (QoS) for real-time multimedia applications. The resource reservation protocol (RSVP) is a signaling protocol that reserves the required resources for time-critical applications so that they can be served with guaranteed minimum bandwidth and bounded delay and jitter, to meet the re­quired QoS. Various extensions to RSVP are currently being standardized, while many other reservation protocols have also been proposed. In most of the previous reservation protocols, a connection has to be fully estab­lished before the transmission of any data packet can start. A problem with such protocols in future broadband networks is that the round-trip or one-way propagation delay required for establishing a connection is non-negligible compared to the time required to transmit the data, which leads to low link utilization since the required capacity is reserved long be-fore it is actually used, considerably affecting the maximum achievable throughput (Fig. 1a). Another problem with such protocols is that the time required to set up the connec­tion considerably increases the latency, which is undesirable and may be unacceptable to some applications, especially those involving latency-sensitive bursty traffic.


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